Capacity Booster Session

Know you have something that needs fixed, but not sure what it is?
Or have a project that's been on your
 back burner for too long?

Being generous with your time, energy, or money makes you feel good, but can also be exhausting. When people wear too many hats they quickly lose time to revisit their foundations, build new strategies, and measure what matters most. That's why Curio412 will work with you to solve your pressing projects in your operations, fundraising plan, or impact measurement so that you can boost your capacity for impact! Collaboratively, we identify one project that needs attention. Then Curio412 will investigate the project and offer recommendations to tackle it head on. This session offers your organization one-on-one, targeted results without the long-term, high cost typically associated with consulting.

The Process

  • 1 Hour Initial Consultation 
    During this conversation we will discuss what's going on at your organization and identify one project that could help boost your capacity.


  • Investigation 
    Following the initial consultation, we will collect more information from your organization. We will request data or conduct follow-up calls with staff, volunteers, and patrons as needed.


  • Final Consultation 
    At the final consultation, we will present project deliverables and recommendations. It will be an opportunity to ask questions and get coaching for next steps

The capacity booster process spans 2-4 weeks.

Examples of Projects:

  • Process and system hiccups costing you time and money

  • Your next strategy to grow your funding or operations plan

  • Mechanisms that measure what matters most

  • Update policies and procedures that no longer serve your mission.