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LAMP Develops Outcomes-Based Plan to Manage Impact

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians (LAMP) is a statewide library service which circulates more than 1,600,000 braille and digital media items each year to serve people who have difficulty reading standard print materials. Materials are provided in cooperation with the Library of Congress’ National Library Service (NLS) through two regional library locations in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia whose operations are supported by the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries (OCL).

With a recent rebranding of and increased demand for LAMP services, there was a vital need for a unified approach to a coordinated statewide effort to promote, evaluate, and expand the Statewide LAMP programs and services.

When LAMP teamed up with Curio412, we started the process of creating an Action Plan that would help each regional library operate Statewide LAMP programs and services. At the outset of this project it was decided that the Action Plan should be framed around the patron experience with a plan that would establish consistent service, accountability, as well as clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Three goals were set for this project:

  1. Creation of a unified approach to a coordinated statewide service provided by two regional library locations.

  2. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and expectations of each regional library location.

  3. Adoption and promotion statewide of the new brand of LAMP.

A Unified Approach

Initially, Curio412 worked with the LAMP team to build a unified understanding of LAMP services. In order to depict a “big picture” of the shared relationships among the resources, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact for LAMP, we employed developing a logic model that would serve as a roadmap for key operations of the program and establish an understanding of how LAMP should operate as a statewide program. We also defined the desired long term and short-term outcomes of the LAMP service.

Defining Roles

With a shared understanding of how LAMP should operate, tools such as process mapping and RACI matrix tools enabled the LAMP team to visualize a complex operation in action. Process mapping allowed us to depict activities, personnel, and timeframes required in order to run a seamless service. While completing a RACI matrix identified ownership of key activities and those involved in the decision-making process.

Vital to the success of defining roles and responsibilities within the Action Plan was utilizing a shared drive to document processes and maintain them in an accessible way for the LAMP team to learn and collaborate.

Adopting and Promoting a New Brand

In order to know if LAMP services were implemented statewide with consistency, Curio412 worked with the LAMP team to identify key performance indicators (KPI), define the timeframe in which this data should be routinely collected, and assigned joint and regional responsibility for collecting/reporting data.

As establishing baselines for KPIs is a good way to monitor and measure progress, many LAMP KPIs were identified to understand how to gauge performance and success. We knew that adoption of KPI reporting would be crucial to success. Therefore, we created team buy-in by building a standardized data collection and reporting process for the use of both library locations. This aimed to create a single source for storing available data.

Additionally, a revised reporting framework for the service was proposed to and accepted by supporting partners of LAMP including OCL. These efforts led to new focused and relevant reporting metrics and a process which measures what matters while identifying important milestones and saving time. This streamlined process will enable the LAMP team to "do more" as a result of this project and have a clearer understanding of how to measure and manage the impact of LAMP’s service.

LAMP’s Action Plan will form the foundation for a continuous work in progress - a way to track its impact and improvements over time. It also established a basis for the LAMP team to better understand and manage outcomes.

By the end of our project, the LAMP service had 1) the necessary tools and team to effectively adopt the new LAMP brand statewide, 2) a unified approach to a coordinated LAMP service and 3) clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and outcomes

LAMP truly understands the power of an outcomes-based plan that will center patrons at the center of the service and ultimately improve their capacity to respond to the needs of print-impaired Pennsylvanian statewide.

Give Back

To learn more about LAMP and the services they provide visit: LAMP | Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians (

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