Strategic planning with a colorful chart for nonprofit and small business growth

There is no better feeling than seeing the difference you make.

Since I was young I have been hooked on using my energy to make an impact and bring out the best in others. This energy drew me to nonprofit organizations, where I quickly learned that being generous with your time, energy, or money makes you feel good, but can also be exhausting. When people wear too many hats they quickly lose time to revisit their foundations, build new strategies, and measure what matters most. They can get deep in the weeds or burned out.


And without a positive, productive culture and a strategy to do good, it gets harder to make a difference.


With over a decade of experience with nonprofit and social sector organizations, I wanted to take on projects that improve the well-being of others and connect people who want to do good with opportunities for service.


That’s why I started Curio412, to help others develop systems that reflect their goals, so they can focus on making a BIG impact.

- Carolyn Keller, Founder

Carolyn has provided strategic leadership to nonprofits, foundations, and businesses in the Pittsburgh region. Named one of Pittsburgh's 2019 30 Under 30 by the Pittsburgh Business Times and Leadership Pittsburgh, She serves as an adviser for Financial Development and Promotional Committee (FDPC) at the McCandless Northern Allegheny Heritage Center, Past-President of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic, and a member of the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network (PaCRN). She holds a Master's degree from University College London.