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Purpose-driven companies motivate employees, build trust with consumers, and are seen as a competitive advantage by business leaders. According to a 2022 Porter Novelli study on corporate reputation, “over the last five years, expectations for companies to lead with purpose has trended up, but purpose credibility has trended down,” making it imperative for companies to authentically communicate and demonstrate their social impact commitment.
Curio412 is teaming up with the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber to help amplify the impact of local companies giving back to their communities. Join us for a two-part masterclass that will help your business strategically engage your community and manage social impact. This two-part masterclass will be held Tuesday, June 4th at 1:00 PM and aims to support businesses in strategically engaging their community and managing their social impact. 

The masterclass will provide an introduction to social impact and help entrepreneurs, business owners, or nonprofit leaders workshop their ideas, providing guidance around aligning charitable goals with business objectives and identifying key purpose indicators to help effectively execute and manage social impact efforts. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or nonprofit leader, come learn how to amplify your impact and explore why purpose-driven organizations are being embraced by consumers, leaders, and communities.

Course Benefits:

  • Think strategically about giving back to your community

  • Get more out of your business’ philanthropic and volunteer efforts

  • Be intentional about managing the social impact of your business

  • Explore ways to make social enterprise part of your business model

  • Connect with local leaders looking to make a positive impact

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