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Celebrating Suffrage With Community Partnerships

Meyersdale Public Library tells the story of Pennsylvania suffragists.

Photo courtesy of the Meyersdale Public Library

Each Monday, Curio412 will be highlighting good news of service and innovation in our communities both near and far!

This week we are highlighting the Meyersdale Public Library whose project “Alice, Flora and Their Friends … The Yet Untold Suffragist Story,” sheds light on Somerset County, PA suffragists who once worked to win the vote.

The library recruited students at the Meyersdale Area High School to join them in this local history project. A result of this partnership includes the library’s own Justice Bell replica. Created in 1915, the Justice Bell was taken on a multi-county tour across PA to drum up support for the suffrage movement.

The library is now working in partnership with the Justice Bell Foundation in celebration of the Justice Bell story, the dedication displayed by Pennsylvania’s suffragists, and 100 years of votes for women.

While COVID-19 has definitely made it a challenge to properly celebrate Somerset County’s suffragists, those working on this project are nonetheless celebrating in all the ways it is currently safe to do so!

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