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Connecting People with Programs

Aunt Bertha's is connecting people with the programs they need with ease and dignity.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Bertha

Each month, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

Today we are glad to feature Aunt Bertha, a B-Corp providing people with access and awareness to the services they most need.

Aunt Bertha supports nonprofits and other types of service organizations that serve many critical needs in every community. Their free platform helps people find the services they need and allows service providers to more easily facilitate connections and accomplish their missions.

With a growing need to people to find social services in 2020, Aunt Bertha responded by creating On the site, you use your ZIP Code to find food assistance, help paying bills, and other free or reduced-cost programs, including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the pandemic, expanded its listings to include needs such as mutual aid and senior hours at grocery stores.

Using this website, seekers of services can find help quickly, easily, and anonymously. A national platform, lists over 1,200 programs in every county in the United States, providing awareness to local available services. The site has also been translated into over 100 languages to increase access. Providers of services can facilitate connections and utilize The platform free toolkit for nonprofits help to send and receive referrals, track and manage care, and improve intake and scheduling.

Through, Aunt Bertha has seen the incredible spirit of giving happening in local communities and played a role in connecting people in need to those who can help.

Give Back

To learn more about Aunt Bertha or visit their website.

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