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Connecting Community and Diversifying Fundraising

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage Center is living their mission and diversifying their fundraising efforts.

Photo courtesy of the McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage Center

Each Monday, Curio412 will be highlighting good news of service and innovation in our communities both near and far!

Today we go on a self-guided tour with the Friends of the McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage Center who have diversified their fundraising efforts while providing safe opportunities for families to learn something new about local history’s hidden treasures.

Located on the edge of North Park, the Heritage Center has overcome the challenge of cancelled events by bringing history directly to you! The Hidden Heritage scavenger hunt booklet, written by Heritage Center chair Diane Illis and designed by Clew Publishing, features trivia questions about 11 sites throughout the McCandless area. Illis learned things she never knew while developing Hidden Heritage and hopes families enjoy exploring the rich history of the local community. Will you learn something new?

The event runs from October 1 through 31, and will cost $15 per family or group of four. The Heritage Center sold out of their first printing early and second printing is meeting demand.

Give Back

To learn about more local history and family fun, follow the McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage Center on Facebook and pick up your Hidden Heritage booklet this week at McCandless Town Hall!

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