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Getting a GRIP on Virtual Conferences

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh pivots to online.

Photo courtesy of GRIP

Each Monday, Curio412 will be highlighting good news of service and innovation in our communities both near and far!

Talk about a BIG Pivot! Today we are sharing news from the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) who just flipped their immersive, 3-week summer genealogy institute, typically held at La Roche University, into a virtual conference with:

👉15 Courses

👉40 Presenters

👉415 Participants

GRIP has created virtual spaces for intimate learning experiences and many classes now have a waitlist with participants from all over the world. While nothing can replace face to face experiences, many participants in GRIP were grateful for the opportunity to come share and learn together at this uncertain time. GRIP’s success can be largely attributed to their camaraderie with the genealogy community and their commitment to providing the value of the summer institute in a virtual format.

They also plan to have sponsored evening zoom lectures FREE and open to the public.

Give Back

Learn more about this virtual experience on their website and follow GRIP on Twitter (@GRIPItt)

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