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Give Your Brand Heart with Volunteerism

Increasingly, consumers are paying attention to how companies interact with their community. According to a 2017 CONE study on corporate social responsibility (CSR), 86% of people expect companies to do more than make a profit.

Your brand is built on how customers, employees, sector peers, and other stakeholders perceive you. While your logo, visual media, tone and voice are all elements that paint a picture of your company, your brand is also built when others engage with individuals connected with the work your company does.

Did you know that anyone can represent your brand? From your team to your customers, each person that interacts with your company has the potential to be an ambassador for your business.

Studies have shown that CSR is responsible for more than 40% of a company’s reputation.

One type of CSR that is effective at fostering teams and connecting your values to the community is corporate volunteerism, where companies encourage their employees to volunteer with community causes. This can be the perfect opportunity to highlight the good work your business does.

Volunteerism also aligns company values with employee values. People want to work for a company that respects and reflects their values. When your brand reflects your corporate values you are aware of what motivates your employees, corporate volunteerism can offer a dedicated outlet for them to get involved in what matters to them.

People want to work for a company that respects and reflects their values

When done strategically, volunteerism can also provide professional development, skill building, and improve your team’s ability to work together. This can support employees while increasing their engagement and purpose at work. On average, companies with highly engaged employees saw 21% better business profitability. Demonstrating your commitment can also lead to successful talent recruitment to your team.

When you bring your values to the community you begin to build relationships and expand your company’s network through positive experiences. By connecting these experiences with a community commitment, people become more dedicated to your company. When these people talk about your company genuinely it can be 50% more influential than an average customer.

The best part? Volunteerism empowers you to make a difference and have a big impact on your local community! Businesses that engage in community outreach and corporate philanthropy typically raise 5x more than traditional fundraising efforts. Having a good communications plan to tell the story about the good your business does will add to your brand and raise awareness of the causes you support, multiplying your impact.

How do I start a volunteer program?

Volunteerism and other forms of CSR are often not part of a company’s core business plan, yet creating an effective volunteer program requires intentional strategy. Consider your business objectives and how they align with your corporate values. What are your goals for your team? What difference do you want to be known for in the community?

When you connect your values to the community, build relationships, and make an impact through outreach, you cultivate your brand identity around a greater purpose. You attract like-hearted people who want to make a difference. And opportunities that you never expected find you.

Curio412 is a consultancy for businesses and nonprofits who want to improve their bottom line, build relationships, and scale meaningful impact. We believe in helping you put purpose into action so that you can create lasting impact. Which is why we share knowledge and tell stories to keep nonprofits, business, social enterprises, and charitable organizations informed about current trends, ideas, and impact.

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