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Giving Back Through Keeping Communities Safe

Enspra's unique nanotechnology treatment is keeping our communities safe by giving back.

Video courtesy of Enspra

Each Monday, Curio412 will be highlighting good news of service and innovation in our communities both near and far!

This week we share what Enspra is doing to keep our communities safe. Enspra combats viruses and bacteria through the application of antimicrobial nano coatings, efficacy testing, and elevated environmental safety.

Through partnering with the Center for Victims, Enspra is collecting items such as: sanitary pads/tampons, bras, towels (new), twin size blankets and comforters (new), tissues, coloring books, crayons, etc. Donations will be collected through October 13.

Other nonprofit partners of Enspra include the Mario Lemieux Foundation. The next goal of President, Jessie Tait, is to work with hospitals and insurance companies to treat the homes of people who are immunocompromised in order to create a "clean house" in their own environment. Having watched families live through cancer, Jessie saw the stress of living away from your own home which can often lead to longer recovery times and higher hospital readmission rates.

Jessie's generosity combined with the unique ability of Enspra to create clean environments will have a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Give Back

To donate and learn Enspra ( contact

Curio412 is a consultancy for nonprofits and businesses who want to make a BIG impact, reap the benefits of a tight-knit team, and attract recognition to their organizations by developing systems that reflect your values and goals. We believe what you do makes a difference. Which is why we started our e-zine - to tell your story so you can be known for the good that you do.

Have a story of service and innovation from your organization that you would like to share? Email me at to be featured.

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