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How Apex is Amplifying Impact

Interested in learning how Apex Systems has been able to leave a lasting impact on their community by developing an innovative program for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Photo courtesy of Apex Systems Columbus Game Day (Raised $230 for ACS)

Each month, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

Today we feature Apex Systems, a technology services business that delivers solutions for digital innovation across the United States and Canada.

Apex's corporate social responsibility (CSR) is all about helping the community through long-term partnerships that tackle social challenges and solve complex problems. Their corporate strategy around philanthropy started with alignment to a few large, national nonprofit organizations. In 2009, they implemented a centralized committee to lead philanthropy efforts that have grown to support numerous nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Canada in the local communities where employees work and live.

As Apex's philanthropy strategy has grown, they have defined strategic initiatives in line with their core values and centralized their philanthropic programs in order to amplify their efforts, understand their impact, and communicate how their teams are making a difference. Through this centralized sharing of ideas, Apex has established multiple ways to give back including philanthropy paid time off, a quarter of caring program (#ApexGivesBack), and grant program.

Through #ApexGivesBack, local Apex offices have two or more philanthropic goals per year, with one of these philanthropic goals focused around a team building event. This combination of philanthropy and staff allows Apex to invest in employees and the community at the same time while saving costs. Each year these efforts are highlighted through videos, which tell a powerful story of impact. Apex offices have participated in many different types of events which give back: a Hike for Homeless, local food drives, Earth Day clean up campaigns, and virtual game days which fundraise for local causes such as their Gamers vs. Cancer tournament.

Earth Day Campaign

Expanding on Apex’s CSR, their Grants for Good program provides a better way for our

consultants to be involved in their philanthropic initiatives and to contribute more to the nonprofits.

With a spirit for doing good, Apex shares what they learn about supporting nonprofits and engaging in social-good activities through an active blog so that others might use and adapt these ideas to multiply the good in our communities!

Give Back

To learn more about Apex Systems and see their CSR strategy in action visit their website.

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