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Meeting The Need

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Even while social distancing, Pressing On is meeting the needs of families in healthcare crisis through their commitment to virtual counsel and maintaining strong partnerships.

Photo courtesy of Pressing On

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Today we are thankful for Pressing On who provide crucial support to families in crisis. After receiving their nonprofit status September 2019, Pressing On partners with hospitals to support families in need. Their support includes care packages, counseling for the stress of hospitalization, grief & loss.

Pressing On emerged out of personal experience and the pain of crisis of the Reeder family. Having lost loved ones, buried family members and struggled through their own daughter's healthcare crisis, Richie and Regan Reeder desire to now walk with families during their time of need to uplift, provide resources, and coach them through. Based on their personal journey, the Reeders are passionate about bringing hope to the hurting, providing care in crisis and helping others put plans in place to persevere, especially those affected by long-term hospitalizations, special needs and terminal illnesses.

After caring for their daughter's genetic disease and persevering through liver transplant, which included dark times, numerous surgeries, multiple hospitalizations and various physical set-backs, they are stepping out in faith to serve others. Their organization will have a family focus, personal connection and long-term perspective.

During Covid, the support and care packages that Pressing On provides are needed more than ever. They have transitioned to virtual consults and are continuing to provide Children's Hospital with care packages including items such as sleep masks, cell phone chargers, toiletries, snacks, water, etc. Pressing On relies on word of mouth and their strong partnership with Children's Hospital to refer families and distribute supplies. Those supported by Pressing On find comfort and care in having someone to lean on who has been through crisis and can help navigate its challenges.

Give Back

Know someone who needs the support of Pressing On?

  • A Family can Connect w/ them Relationally Online by filling out our "Personal Support Form" HERE

  • A Family can request a FREE Hospital Care Package from them by filling our our Care Package Request Form HERE

  • Families can access our uplifting Music Playlists HERE with over 200 songs curated to encourage during tough times.

  • Families can access their Hospital Packing Checklists HERE with helpful suggestions of what to bring to the Hospital, ER and/or Ronald McDonald House.

  • Follow their Social Media Pages for encouragement and updates by simply clicking the following links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

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