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Much More Than A Truck

Clear Choice Enterprises is leaving a legacy in their community through Big Blue, a moving truck that meets nonprofit needs and serves individuals in vulnerable situations.

Photo courtesy of Clear Choice Enterprises

Each month, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

Today we are glad to feature Clear Choice Enterprises, a real estate company with a big heart for the community.

In 2011, Julie Sebock opened Clear Choice Enterprises, a family-owned real estate business serving home buyers and sellers with a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace. The company was founded with the knowledge that representing home buyers and sellers is not a transaction - it can be loss, divorce, growing family homes.

As Clear Choice Enterprises expanded offices from Butler to Beaver, Julie recognized the need to do more for both clients and the community and bought their moving truck, Big Blue. This charismatic truck serves the needs of Clear Choice Enterprises clients, individuals in vulnerable situations, nonprofits, and community organizations at no cost.

In addition to impacting the lives of countless individuals, Big Blue has transported a carnival for local a school function, equipment for sporting events and been used for nonprofit fundraisers such as stuff-the-bus events. It has been used by organizations such as Regan's Journey and Butler County Helping Hands. And has even been in community parades.

Through word of mouth, news of Big Blue and the generosity of Clear Choice Enterprises has spread and they have created a system to increase access by creating online request forms, contactless key drop, and more.

Big Blue is much more than a truck. When you serve the local needs where your family lives and grow every little thing is a ripple.

Julie knows that Big Blue is much more than a truck. When you serve the local needs where your family lives and grow every little thing is a ripple. She hopes that Big Blue serves the needs of local schools it shows kids and teams how their commitment to one another makes a huge difference.

Clear Choice Enterprises hopes to make each new day better than the one before and hopes to get Big Blue a friend so that their family-owned business can better advocate for the community and serve the needs of both the Butler and Beaver areas.

Give Back

To learn more about Clear Choice Enterprises and see Big Blue in action follow them on Facebook. Request and reserve Big Blue on their website!

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