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Rooted in Corporate Responsibility

Davey Tree Expert Company is growing a better, greener world through investing in people and partners.

Photo courtesy of Davey Tree

Each month, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

We are excited to feature the Davey Tree Expert Company, a horticultural and environmental tree care service with a history of community stewardship.

With a belief that a company is only as successful as its people, Davey is the 9th largest employee-owned company. These are companies in which a company's employees own shares in that company.

As employees invest in Davey, the company creates an environment to fully engage employees in their company purpose through continuing education and development. Their passion for the natural assets of communities attracts and recruits talent that resonate with Davey's purpose of making our world a greener, healthier and more beautiful place to live.

They believe in the confluence of environmentally responsible practices that sustain the planet, local communities and business. Realizing that such practices complement business growth and create a sustainable environment expand opportunities for Davey.

Another driver of Davey's corporate responsibility is partnerships with like-hearted organizations such as the Howard County Conservancy, a Maryland nonprofit. When Lou Meyer, a Regional Business Developer of Davey, visited the conservancy he realized that Davey's purpose to make the world a better, greener place was shared by not only the Howard County Conservancy, but their patrons. Meyer is now a presenter, advocate, and volunteer for the conservancy. His work provides patrons with an enjoyable way to learn about the value of the natural environment, is personally rewarding, and offers Davey the opportunity to educate passionate people about stewarding the environment. Additionally, co-marketing elevates the mission of the Howard County Conservancy and provides exposure for the services of Davey.

Making a community impact takes time and dedication, but Davey's commitment to their corporate values help them to drive positive change in the community.

Give Back

To learn more about Davey Tree and see their CRR strategy in action visit their website at

Also, learn from Lou Meyer in our recent Q&A panel, What Corporate Partners Want.

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