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Thriving Through Adversity

YASU changes the lives of young adult cancer survivors.

Photo courtesy of YASU

Each Monday, Curio412 will be highlighting good news of service and innovation in our communities both near and far!

Young Adult Survivors United (YASU) is The largest community in Western PA for young adult cancer survivors and co-survivors, providing them the ability to cope and thrive from emotional, social, and financial support. They host monthly social events for survivors & their co-survivors, and events throughout the year! Over 500 survivors have benefited from the program.

YASU captured these smiles after personally delivering $25 stipends to young adult cancer survivors, thanks to the Need Knots giving circle who have supported their grocery gift card campaign! They have raised $7,500 so far with a goal of $10,000.

Give Back

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Curio412 is a consultancy for nonprofits and businesses who want to make a BIG impact, reap the benefits of a tight-knit team, and attract recognition to their organizations by developing systems that reflect your values and goals. We believe what you do makes a difference. Which is why we started our e-zine - to tell your story so you can be known for the good that you do.

Have a story of service and innovation from your organization that you would like to share? Email me at to be featured.

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