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We Can't Help But Pay it Forward

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Joey's P.A.W. and The Birthday Puppy both believe in teaming up to make a difference for furry friends in need.

Photo courtesy of The Birthday Puppy

Each Monday, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

Today it is our pleasure to share the partnership between Joey's P.A.W and The Birthday Puppy, a nonprofit and small business who have teamed up to raise funds for dogs in need of (P.A.W) Prosthetics or a Wheelchair so they can have a chance at a more Mobile life.

Joey's P.A.W. was founded by Tanya and Charlie Diable with a love for providing special needs dogs with with the opportunity to touch people's lives deeply and with joy. Their namesake, Joey waited for adoption nearly a year due to his disability. Other dogs in Joey's situation often have a difficult time finding a home without prosthetics or wheelchairs as these supports can be costly and families are hesitant to take on the responsibility of care for a special needs animal. Joey's P.A.W. provides special needs dogs with prosthetics or wheelchairs so that they have a better chance at finding their furever home just like Joey did. They have been featured on Rachel Ray and locally in the Pittsburgh region.

Joey is now part of a big family including pups Zoey, Temperance, Kingston, Harper, Boone and Anabelle. Tanya Diable had been a repeat customer of The Birthday Party. When she subscribed her dog Harper in The Birthday Puppy's Tutu of the Month club, she learned more about how The Birthday Puppy leverages her business a platform to give back.

The heart of The Birthday Puppy's business model is centered on philanthropy. They have had too many collaborations to count and their reach is growing due to their social media presence and community of enthusiastic followers. Three times per year The Birthday Party partners with a charitable organization and each year multiple people offer to match donations that come in through these events. They have noticed that each charitable event pays itself forward by inspiring followers to do good things for others. Each act of kindness breeds another.

This past October, The Birthday Puppy partnered with Joey's P.A.W. through their Halloween Parade fundraiser which contributed 10% of all sales to Joey's P.A.W. The final proceeds were matched twice by the kindness of generous followers.

Both Joey's P.A.W. and The Birthday Puppy know that we can't not support the causes in our community. Especially now when times are tough; this is when help is needed the most.

Give Back

For success stories and dog photos follow Joey's P.A.W. on Instagram and support them by donating online! To shop the Barktique of The Birthday Puppy visit their website.

Curio412 is a consultancy for nonprofits and businesses who want to make a BIG impact, reap the benefits of a tight-knit team, and attract recognition to their organizations by developing systems that reflect your values and goals. We believe what you do makes a difference. Which is why we started our e-zine - to tell your story so you can be known for the good that you do.

Have a story of service and innovation from your organization that you would like to share? Email me at to be featured.

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