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Put Your Purpose Into Action

Starting in March 2023, I'll be taking on a new and likely very demanding client...Baby #1! 

As a consultancy owned and primarily operated by myself, over the past months I’ve been adapting my business for my maternity leave in March. This has required advanced planning, automating lots, and having the support of an incredible team - including our amazing clients. 

In the past year, I've built a business I LOVE. Although I'll be slowing down for a bit, we would love to work with you and are planning for a great year ahead! If you are interested in working with Curio412 contact us here and we will reach out to you when we begin the process of taking on new clients in June 2023. 

In the meantime, we have put together some great opportunities for you to learn more about managing social impact at your own pace so that you can put your purpose into action!


For Nonprofits

We're teaming up with Nonprofit Sidekick! a platform that develops, supports and inspires leaders of nonprofit organizations. When you join this unique online community, you'll not only get access to Curio412's online impact management course, but you'll also have access to resources that will empower you to take your impact to the next level.  

The course will be live the meantime check out all that Nonprofit Sidekick! has to offer!

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For Businesses

Learn the basics of managing the social impact of your company with our online course, Managing Social Impact. This series will take you step by step through exercises that will help you plan, organize, and implement meaningful and measurable impact.

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