Planning with a colorful chart for strategic management and community relations

Impact Management

As a consultancy for organizations who want to leave a lasting impact, we know you deserve systems that reflect your purpose and give back in intentional and meaningful ways. At Curio412 we gather, organize, and make sense of challenges within your organization so that you can harness your passion and achieve your purpose. We work collaboratively with you to develop strong foundations, thoughtful strategies, and measure what matters most in your organization. 

What is Impact Management?

Impact management is the process of using data-driven decision making to plan, organize, and implement impact with a measurable outcome in mind.

Build Capacity

​Grow your organization and initiatives so you can focus on making a big impact.

  • Assess operational needs 

  • Guide implementation for areas of growth or improvement

  • Define and establish measures to evaluate impact

  • Strategize fundraising development and partnerships with corporate and individual donors

  • Align communications with meaningful impact goals

Make an Impact

Support you in creating a lasting impact that aligns with your bottom line.

  • ​Define and implement corporate purpose for
    community investment

  • Establish roadmap and KPIs to measure what
    matters most

  • Align strategic impact initiatives to achieve
    business objectives

  • Evaluate and report ROI of community investment

Why Curio412?

With over a decade of experience in the social sector, we believe in empowering local change and the value of knowing your impact. We view our work not as something done for our clients, but rather as work we do with them. Our method uses simple tools to achieve measurable results for the difference you want to make in your community.

Empower Local

Work Together

Measure Impact