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Impact Management

Curio412 is a consultancy for businesses who want to strategically engage their communities and manage their social impact. We work with companies to put their purpose into action by helping them plan, organize, and implement impact with a measurable outcome in mind. With intentional and simple strategies, managing your impact can save you time and costs while extending your reach, attracting like-hearted leaders, and empowering you to make a bigger difference.

Purpose Discovery 

​Facilitated strategy session(s) designed define the core purpose, goals, and objectives of your organization.

Planning & Alignment

Our strategic planning services are designed to connect your organization to its purpose and align organizational and impact objectives.

  • Impact Audit

  • Social Impact Strategy

Social Impact

We help you put your purpose into action through:

  • Development & Capacity Building

  • Community Engagement

  • Annual Impact Reporting

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