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Work For-Purpose

Your company gives back to create a better future. You want to strengthen
relationships, build leadership, and make an impact.

You want to make a difference and know that building community through service is just good business - and any investment requires a strategy, even an investment in the community. Which is why you’d like a roadmap that equips you to make an impact while achieving your business objectives.

You know that service creates passionate leadership and deepens relationships with your community. Which is why your company gives back through volunteerism, board participation, and other opportunities for leaders to grow through service. You want your company to live your leadership and intentionally create positive impact. That’s what our Work-For-Purpose package supports. Collaboratively, we develop a community investment that achieves your impact goals and business objectives so that you can maximize the difference you make.

Heart in sprouting plant to represent your business growth through giving back to the community

The Process

  • Define and assess your current impact -
    We focus in on the core values of your business to define KPIs of your community investment and identify measurement strategies.

  • Create a roadmap for impact  -
    Develop and implement a system to track your community investment to achieve your impact goals and business objectives.


  • Connect you with opportunities for service -
    There are so many good causes in your community! We will identify which opportunities resonate with you, your team, and the values of your business so that you can create meaningful community impact


  • Help you tell your story of impact -
    By combining indicators of success for your business and your core values, we help you communicate and multiply your impact

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