Work For-Purpose

Do you realize the power philanthropy can have on engaging your team
and attracting recognition to your company for doing good work?

You want to make a difference and know that building community through service is just good business - and you’d like a roadmap created for you that reflects your values and goals. Through a custom strategic engagement process Curio412 works to partner people who want to do good with opportunities for service. Whether you want to support a cause that fits your company values or keep track of measurable outcomes to tell your story of impact, this is an opportunity to not only work for-profit, but for-purpose.


Collaboratively, we will develop a system that reflects your values and guide your business towards being its best inside and out. By the end, you will be connecting with your team, aligning your values, and working hand in hand with local causes. And when you focus these resources, you won’t wonder what difference you made and can make an even bigger impact.

The Process

  • Create a roadmap that reflects your values and goals -
    We focus in on the core values of your business and develop a system to achieve the goals you want.

  • Engage your team -
    Members of your team are guided to take on leadership roles and learn skills in leadership, project management, and teamwork.


  • Connect you with opportunities for service -
    There are so many good causes in your community! We will identify which opportunities resonate with you, your team, and the values of your business.


  • Help you tell your story of impact -
    By combining indicators of success for your business and your core values, we bring your impact to light and discover opportunities for increasing awareness of the work you do.