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Charity on Tap

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Recon Brewing knows they have some of the best people in the community and are seeing people come together bigger than ever before.

Photo courtesy of Recon Brewing

Each Monday, Curio412 highlights good news of service and innovation in our communities!

Today we are grateful for Recon Brewing who making each day a bit brighter by creating change for good in their local community. Recon Brewing was established in February 2016 by 3 friends, all born and raised in Butler Township.

Throughout Covid, Recon Brewing has adapted to many changes, but has still maintained a loyal community following. This is because their “drink local” mentality means more than just their beer. Giving back has always been a core part of their business. For example each quarter, Recon Brewing pairs up with a charitable organization. They work with the organization to either create a new brew or select a brew that will be selected as the "karma tap." For that quarter, they donate 15% of the sales on that tap handle to the organization.

Recently, Recon Brewing has leveled up its charitable giving by hosting a Chili for Charity Cook Off on Sunday November 1st. Those with the "best chili around" were encouraged to enter a friendly competition for $20. Each judge was also registered for $20 and had the opportunity to tantalize their taste buds and was given 5 vote tickets to award to their favorite entries. The winner of the chili cook off was given the honor of selecting which charity received the proceeds.

Recon Brewing received 10 entries with everything from pork to white chicken chili. While the competition was stiff, winner Mark Allen's spicy chili was a sure favorite and has selected the Magee Women's Foundation to receive over $600 in donations.

Lead bartender, Kiesha Kurtz, is a driving force behind Recon Brewing's latest initiative. While talking to some of their most dedicated patrons, she realized that many missed social events. In knowing that Recon Brewing has some of the best people around the community support them, she wanted to give back. Once the word was out about the Chili for Charity Cook Off, everyone jumped on board. The response to Recon Brewing's charity has allowed the community to come together and shown that people are more supportive and generous now than they have ever been. They hope to make this Chili for Charity Cook Off an annual event and are planning a soup cook off for February 2021.

Give Back

Want to support Recon Brewing or participate in their karma tap? Follow them on Facebook and visit them online:

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